Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles  ..

by Christie John Geankoplis  … Paper back copy: $ 26.23


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

25th Anniversary- Hardcover Book

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Artificial Intelligence for IoT Cookbook


Michael Roshak

This title will be released on September 4, 2020

69 pages          2 hours 4 minutes

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From T-2 to Supertanker

Development of the Oil Tanker, 1940 – 2000, Revised

Andrew G. Spyrou

Networking Fundamentals

Gordon Davies

December 17, 2019

510 pages

Become well-versed with basic networking concepts such as routing, switching, and subnetting, and prepare for the Microsoft 98-366 exam

E-Book $ 22.39

Print+ebook $39.99

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Handling Difficult People Author : Townsend Dr John S10.99

$ 68.22

Applied Calculus of Variations for Engineers

addresses to find optimal solutions to engineering problems whose optimum may be a certain quantity, shape, or function. Applied Calculus of Variations for This book focus on the mathematical area applicable to many engineering disciplines. It is aimed at enhancing the engineer’s understanding of the topic and application-oriented approach.

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