The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Almost 37,000 reviews and 88 percent are five stars. What’s THAT about, I thought. So I read ” The Nightingale”, and now I know what the raves are all about. This book definitely, is one of the best, if not the best book I have ever read. The author Hannah is smart writer, writes like an angel. The book cant not be read it fast, at least not for me, because I would go back and reread a sentence just to enjoy the mastery with which it was written. The author Hannah’s style can be defined as high literature. She writes beautiful scenery and giving you an impression as she know your thinking and show you  background.
So, I put my five-star review to the book. Read this book !. It will take you far away from whatever you’re doing. This was not my first book from Kristin Hannah, rather It won’t be my last.

Hannah’s new novel shoes the extraordinary courage and stability of Frenchwomen during World War II.

In 1995, an elderly widow is moving into an Oregon nursing home on the urging of her son, Julien, a surgeon. This trajectory is begin when she receives an invitation to return to France to attend a ceremony honoring passeurs: those people who aided the escape of others during the war. In spring, 1940: Viann has said goodbye to husband Antoine, who’s hold the power against invading Germans. She returns to tending her small farm, Le Jardin, in the Loire Valley, teaching at the local. Soon, that world is elevated: The Germans march into Paris and refugees flee south, overrunning Viann’s land. Her long-estranged younger sister, Isabelle, who has been kicked out of multiple secondary schools, is sent to Le Jardin by Julien, their father in Paris, who was a Great War veteran. As the envision increase in the occupied zone—food lake, and the billeting of a German officer, Capt. Beck, at Le Jardin—Isabelle’s outspokenness is a liability. She joins the Resistance, volunteering for dangerous duties: whch was shepherding downed Allied airmen across the Pyrenees to Spain. The Code-named the Nightingale, Isabelle will rescue many before she’s captured. Meanwhile, Viann’s journey from passive to active resistance is less dramatic but no less pain. Hannah clearly demonstrates how the Nazis, through starvation, demoralized the French, engineering a community collapse that enabled the deportations and deaths of more than 70,000 Jews.

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