White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Carol Anderson, Pamela Gibson

A well-researched book talks about facts of what has happened and how white people have used the system of the courts and politics to keep minorities, (specifically African Americans) down. It is sad, but a real eye opener can ask ” What are white afraid of?” 

The author did an excellent job making the case that USA must face their past and present cultural beliefs about race in this country. And this is particularly true as it appears to African Americans. The author focus on the idea or belief that Blacks (in this country) have gotten too much “free” stuff. And since they have gotten these free things, that means Whites are losing out. “White Rage” give a clear explanation of  how this rage is rooted in the Americans DNA from very beginning and why it still impacts us today.

The author, Carol Anderson, presents the amazing policies that have limited access to voting, prohibited the pursuit of jobs, blocked home ownership, a lot of prisoners, and created a poverty society. That America has such a shameful history is heart-breaking, that these policies unfortunately continue today.

Carol Anderson is a strong writer and an excellent researcher. The book is recommended for everyone to read this book, especially those people who think we live in a post-racial country. We have so much work to do to overcome the past, and we are still repeating the great mad mistakes.


Suedehead (amazon reviewer 5.0 out of 5 stars)

 This book is AMAZING. I first heard of the book via a radio interview with Anderson and she was so knowledgeable, so dynamic, so compelling, I absolutely had to read her work. It’s not a “light” read by any means. It’s best read with a clear mind and quiet surroundings because there is so much information regarding the history of slavery. You really don’t want to miss a word. She beautifully explains in excruciating detail the horrid accounts of slavery, both fact and folklore. I look forward to reading the book again!


Amazon reviewer

I can’t really call this an enjoyable book given the subject matter, but I thought it was brilliant. It was a real eye-opener for me. It made me realize how much I’d sleep-walked through life. I had no idea about the depth of systemic racism in the States. The book explores how the legal and political machinery has suppressed African Americans since emancipation. It is really well written, accessible to a non-historian like me and clearly very thoroughly researched. I found it hard to put down. I have bought it as a present for several friends since.